Website Accessibility for Restaurants

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Business, Industry News, National Restaurant Consultants, Tips | 0 comments

National Restaurant Consultants shares the importance of a well-designed, compliant website

This week, National Restaurant News published an opinion piece about many current or recent cases against businesses and restaurants because of website accessiblity. Citing cases in Ohio, New York, and Florida federal courts, author Jason B. Jendrewski, a partner in the labor and employment practice at Fox Rothschild LLP in New York, claims that if “your website is accessible by an objective measure and you are committed to maintaining accessibility, then the plaintiff’s claims may be moot.”

Our restaurant consultants make it a point to keep up on legislative issues that both directly and indirectly affect the restaurant industry, and this current battle is no different. Based on our expertise, we say, consider your website an extension of your guests’ whole experience with your restaurant.

“Web sites are a vital need and nearly an ‘absolute’ requirement for restaurants to meet a critical business need to attract and retain customers,” says National Restaurant Consultants CEO Richard Weil. “A well designed and effective web site is important.”

Still, restaurants are businesses, and unfortunately, there is more to keep track of than just a customer barometer. Especially in the restaurant industry, where codes, standards, and regulations are many and specific, adding one more compliance factor can feel overwhelming.

Weil says, “Some restauranteurs have become concerned–and with good reason–with the flood of website accessibility lawsuits filed in the past few years. Staying relevan,t as well as compliant, are two important factors that restauranteurs must maintain at the forefront.”

The Restaurant News opinion piece, Weil says, is good news. “The article provides insights into compliant components and suggestions relating to web site law suit defense.”

Further, our restaurant consultants are able to manage the juxtaposition of compliance and technology, taking some of the fear-factor out of the situation.

“We can assist you in directing your web site strategies to attract and retain customers as well as to help you to stay out of regulatory trouble,” says Weil.

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