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Business Plan Creation

The Business Plan – Your First Step

Every new venture needs a high quality business plan. Validate your concept, understand the financial prospects, solidify your concept in writing, and get the bank to say “Yes” to your loan request. This versatile document is your beginning step, and the pros at National Restaurant Consultants have written hundreds of plans! Doesn’t it make sense to have a restaurant professional write yours too? This document is prepared in an easy-to-read, tabbed format in a 3-ring binder. Your Business Plan/Pro-forma will be a 20 to 30 page document that includes, at a minimum, the following items:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Executive Summary
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Overview
  • Marketing Overview
  • Assumptions and Explanations
  • Year 1 Sales and Profit Projections & Breakeven
  • Year 1 Monthly (Projected)
  • Year 1 Monthly (Downside)
  • Year 1 Monthly (Upside)
  • Sales / Customer Counts per Meal Period
  • 5-Year Projection
  • 5-Year Breakeven
  • Core Menu Rough Draft

Your business plan will be delivered to you within 30 days. Plus, you’ll get a CD-ROM or flash drive electronic copy for making your own changes as your project progresses.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study — The Second Step

Your business plan has been developed, and all indicators tell you that your restaurant concept is viable and profitable – but where do you put it? We can help by creating a comprehensive Feasibility Study. The most important decision you will ever make for your restaurant is the location. We will help you determine which one is best! Your Feasibility Study will include the following components, at a minimum:

  • Feasibility study diagramIdentification of Trade Area
  • Demographics of the Trade Area
  • Direct Competition
  • Indirect Competition
  • Ingress/Egress
  • Natural and Man Made Barriers affecting Trade Area
  • Traffic Count (foot, road, and public transportation)
  • Photographs of the Local Trade Area
  • Potential Location Issues and Solutions
  • Staffing Potential
  • Available Advertising
  • Local Restaurant Marketing Potential
  • Recommendations

We’re fast and efficient, and with a cost effective monthly payment plan, there’s no reason that you have to go it alone. Contact us at (303) 757-3663 or

Complete Package

The Complete Package

This is our most popular and cost effective option for your new restaurant startup. This package includes everything you’ll need from start to finish. Conceptually you’ll have 14 major phases and 400 tasks to complete before Complete packagethe restaurant opens.

The Complete Package Includes:

  • Project Management and Consulting, including the tracking of each stage of progress
  • Extensive Administrative Duties, including:  corporate formation, licensing, liquor licensing matters, logo creation, name registration, trade mark applications, and more. We’ll handle it all for you!
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Written Feasibility Study
  • Menu Development, including:  vendor selection, products, pricing, and menu design with maximum profit generation built in.
  • Equipment – we generally save our clients at least 25% or more when compared to retail list prices
  • Architectural Consulting – we’ll work with your team to ensure your designs make sense for the long term.
  • Conceptual Drawings/Renderings – see what your concept will look like! Great for presentations and investment purposes
  • Liquor License Applications – we’ll work with your legal counsel to ensure issuance or transfer of license
  • Custom Employee Policy Manuals, Job Descriptions, and Matching Checklists
  • Coordination of Staff Food Sanitation and Alcohol Training Matters
  • Training for all Front- and Back-of-the House Personnel
  • Soft and Grand Opening Guidance…and much more!
  • The Complete Package – the one-stop solution for your whole project from start to finish!

You’ll enjoy working with our highly seasoned consultants – you’re getting the best help available anywhere!

Operations Analysis

Truly one of the most powerful tools available for the restaurant operator seeking to improve profitability and ease of operations is our proprietary Operations Analysis service. As featured in “Smart Money” Magazine and on ABC News “Nightline”, an Operations Analysis is a detailed overview of your business from an outside, objective standpoint. One of our highly trained consultants with over 30 years of experience will examine all aspects of your operation.

Why Should You Consider an Operations Analysis™ for Your Restaurant?Operations Analysis

  1. Find and fix operational problems
  2. Lower food, beverage, and payroll costs
  3. Stop allowing others to take advantage of you
  4. Get a grip on your finances
  5. Maximize the value of your business
  6. Develop an exit and/or expansion plan
  7. Bring more money to the bottom line
  8. Make your shareholders and partners happy
  9. Reduce your stress and get back in control
  10. Easy scheduling and services available worldwide

We Can Help Any Restaurant, Anywhere in the World. Here’s How We Do It.

Every day we receive phone calls and e-mails from restaurant operators worldwide asking us questions like, “Why can’t I make any money in my restaurant?”, or, “How can I improve my operation?” During the last 12 months, thousands of restaurants have gone out of business unnecessarily; an Operations Analysis™ may have prevented this for many of them.

Real Life Examplereal life example

In August of 2013, we received a call from a restaurant/distillery that was losing money and could not seem to turn their operations around.  We proposed that we complete an Operations Analysis to identify areas of improvement and make recommendations to effect positive change.  Their membership thought that it was not worth the money we were charging (even though we guarantee our results).  This same restaurant, pictured on the right, closed its doors in early 2015.

In the same general timeframe, we completed an Operations Analysis for another client.  They had food costs over 40% and labor was out of control.  They were wasting money in a number of areas.  We assisted them in implementing several of our recommendations.  Today, food costs are in the 30% range, labor costs have been reduced, miscellaneous costs are in line and sales have increased.  Needless to say, they are now very profitable and looking to open a second location.

Which client would you like to be?

We understand the pain. We’ve evaluated hundreds of troubled restaurants, and we know how to find the missing pieces in your puzzle.

With your own Operations Analysis™, every part of your business is evaluated by a highly trained consultant with over 30 years of experience who will examine all aspects of your operation, including:

  • financial performance
  • vendors
  • human resources
  • operational systems
  • payroll
  • marketing
  • lease
  • purchasing
  • cost controls
  • and much more.

Using a narrative-based format, your consultant will identify issues, provide suggestions and recommendations, and, most importantly, create solutions to your problems that you can implement and use immediately. Before your consultant leaves, you’ll get a printed and bound 20-30 page Operations Analysis™ report which will be your guide to improving your profit and systems problems.

Perhaps things are going well, but you just want to ensure that you’re capturing every dime. Many of our clients take a pro-active stance and have an Operations Analysis™ done at all of their locations. Whether it’s one, five, or 500 restaurants, we’d be happy to confidentially talk with you about your concerns. We routinely conduct Operations Analysis™ services for small, medium, and very large business operations worldwide.

Our reputation has been built on helping out troubled operators worldwide. No operation is too small or too far away, and we guarantee that you’ll be delighted with the results. If you’ve got real problems, your consultant will find real solutions with an Operations Analysis™.

Ori Zabas Operations Analysis

How Operations Analysis Works


Once the dates have been confirmed, your consultant will arrive and spend two full days on site in your restaurant(s) evaluating, digging, and probing into every aspect of your operation. Then, off site for the next two and a half days, your highly customized written report will be created just for you. On the final day, you and your consultant will sit down and go over the very detailed Operations Analysis™ report. Every question you have will be answered, and the report will be fully explained. We’ll even give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your operation back on track. If you want, for an additional fee, we’ll help you get the necessary systems developed and put properly into place.

For those that are experiencing severe operational or profit related problems, this is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to get your operation back on track. Nothing escapes our scrutiny–you’ll be impressed by our thoroughness. We encourage you to tell us about your special concerns, and we will concentrate on those things that most interest you. Every operation is unique, and you want results that matter to you. So do we — we’re on the same team! We’re careful to always stay out of the way of your employees and guests, too.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that your Operations Analysis™ can help you that we back it with our Money Back Guarantee. “When the recommendations of the Operations Analysis are implemented properly, we guarantee that you will make or save more than the cost of this analysis, or we’ll gladly refund your money.”

Schedule your Operations Analysis now!

Give us a call anytime at (303) 757-3663 or send an email to David Kincheloe, CEO, at

Failing Restaurant Action Plan

Is your restaurant in trouble? Contact us by phone at (303) 757-3663 to see how we can help!

Today you’ve written three checks that won’t clear the bank until the deposit is credited tomorrow morning. The 941 tax payment is overdue and you have no idea how to come up with the cash to pay it. You’re now on a COD basis with every vendor, although 30-day terms are preferred. Last month’s rent was tough to pay – or maybe it’s not even been paid yet.  The next payroll has you scared – literally. The Tagamet® is gone and your ulcer is acting up. Your chef just quit, and the chore of finding new talent is daunting. These are all signs that a serious financial disaster is looming for you as the owner/operator of an independent restaurant. 

failing restaurant action planThese problems are, unfortunately, commonplace today in our industry. Even though as a professional owner/operator you try to put on a “Happy face” to hide the pain, your view on almost every front is bleak.  In fact, it’s likely that you’ve never been more challenged personally and professionally. Your credit is tapped, a bank loan is out of the question, and you simply can’t ask anyone for more money. The advice of well-meaning but inexperienced friends and associates was disastrous. Financial mistakes have been made and when everything is considered, just shutting the doors and walking away looks pretty good. 

“This is the secret life of a failing restaurant owner,” I told our Consultants in a recent staff meeting. “It’s a tough, lonely, and frustrating place to be, and it pushes the limits of every person that’s ever been in that position. Even worse, in many cases, they are the victims of circumstances they simply could not control, and it just does not seem fair.”  Today there are thousands of people in the exact same scenario; you are not alone.  This information is being provided here because you, or perhaps someone you know, are going through these difficulties, and information about this troubling topic has been difficult to obtain.cause you, or perhaps someone you know, are going through these struggles, and information about this timely topic has been difficult to obtain.

“We have helped many others in your situation, and we’re here to help you,”. Declining cash flow, increasing food costs, and inability to make money are common issues and effect many more restaurant owners than would be expected. Last week we spoke with two different restaurant owners that had similar situations. In fact, one person had not shown a profit in over four years, and the other had not made any money in the last three and a half years.  It seems the allure of independence and control of the self-employed drives people to abuse themselves in ways they would never abuse others. 

Undoubtedly, there’s no easy way out. But NRC has a proven action plan that can help you navigate this storm and land you safely on the other side..

  1. Rewind the clock six to twelve months. What was life like back then compared to what it’s like now? What changed to cause the current dilemma? Try to isolate the top cause(s) and understand exactly what happened and why. This is not the time to place blame or point fingers – it rarely helps. 
  2. Take a high level view. At 35,000 feet, the weather is always beautiful. By getting on top of the storm, this high-level perspective will help you sort out the players, the problems, and the potential solutions. Evaluate your financial projections and create various scenarios for both yourself and your restaurant. Because of your intimate involvement and attachment to your restaurant, this step can rarely be done without professional help. Contact an expert. NRC has done this successfully for over fourteen years.  In fact, we guarantee our results.  If not us, an outside viewpoint can sometimes identify issues and solutions that you cannot see from inside the storm.
  3. Seek unconventional solutions. Admit to yourself that you’re in a forest and it’s difficult to see through the trees. Look for solutions that you’ve not considered before. Again, this is where the advice of an expert will be invaluable.
  4. Don’t give up hope. You put yourself into the driver’s seat early in the game. You had high hopes for it then. Giving up and walking away serves no purpose. Be a realistic optimist; look at your glass as being half-full instead of half-empty. You were probably the lead cheerleader on day one, and that responsibility still belongs to you, even in these tough times. The counsel of seasoned professionals will help you find the positives and possibilities once again.failing restaurant action plan
  5. It’s the menu. It all starts here.  The menu is THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF REAL ESTATE YOU OWN.  The menu drives almost all your costs; both food and labor.  Take a hard look at it.  Utilize reports from your POS.  Most of all, contact NRC to assist you and provide valuable insight.  We will help make it a profit generating tool.
  6. Social media is key. Both good and bad.  Buried deep in the noise of social media you can generally find the truth of what your guests think of your restaurant.  Look for trends.  Be responsive and make changes.  This can also become an effective marketing tool if used effectively.  Talk to us. 
  7. Make an investment. Where has free advice gotten you so far?  The best advice is from those who have devoted their careers to the industry, and it’s not free. If you want to retain the value in your business and even turn the business around, make an investment in your future. Turn to those who understand the turmoil you’re experiencing and can ensure that your particular set of circumstances are addressed. An expert can help you lay out a detailed plan that will incorporate a solution for your present issues and redirect your current path toward achieving your dreams of success. 
  8. Get help immediately. Remember that a closed business has no value whatsoever. While the doors are still open, you have options. Should you close the business, your options and your financial investment will disappear. Now is the time to be decisive, and swift action will be to your own benefit. 
  9. Keep everything in perspective. This is a business that’s in trouble, and it needs help. Remember that a bad decision now will be one that you’ll have to live with for many years. 
  10. Do not procrastinate. Things will not get better on their own. You must take things into your own hands and act with a clear sense of direction. You need solutions, and you need them now.
  11. This is business. Try to separate your personal life from your professional life. Do not look at this as a personal failure. Rather, take the view that this is a professional challenge. Engage professional assistance, act like a professional, and in short, as my good friend Marvin Adams told me many years ago, “Just make it happen!” – because if you don’t, nobody will.
  12. Act today. Read and re-read every one of the above steps. Act on them immediately.


Your goals started with a dream to create a gathering space for family, neighbors, friends, and strangers who would become friends. You envisioned a comfortable, well-appointed atmosphere with savory, nourishing dishes, and desserts and spirits for celebrations. Catch hold of that vision once again, and let us help you achieve your dreams and goals. Success in the restaurant industry is a highly elusive and rapidly moving target. You’re in the most competitive and difficult business in the world. With an expert to walk you through these steps, to help you keep a clear head and make wise decisions, you can watch your ship come in.

How Can We Help You with Your Business?

Contact us by phone at (303) 757-3663 or through email at for a free quote!

David Kincheloe is the President of Denver-based, National Restaurant Consultants®, the “Restaurant Startup and Troubleshooting Experts.” Their popular Operations Analysis™ and other consulting services are available worldwide. Learn more about the firm and get your free copy of the RESTAURANT SUCCESS SCALE at: or by calling  (303)757-3663. To contact Mr. Kincheloe directly, please e-mail him at:

Food Merchandising

Are You Merchandising to Drive Sales, Manage Shrink, & Maximize Opportunity?

merchandisingLeverage expert advice while visually displaying your culinary offerings in your restaurant, food-court, euro-deli, and/or specialty food store to drive up your average ticket price. Optimize retail selling opportunities combining gastronomic props, entree plating and presentation, and high-impact “selling” signage. Our comprehensive review, recommendations, and implementation utilize the leading pop displays with technical visual rules for maximizing food profitability. Recent clients have seen as much as a four to five percent increase in their average tickets just through display changes.

In many cases, manufacturer merchandising displays are ineffective, costly, unattainable, or unusable within an existing environment. National Restaurant Consultants can extend custom signature design/build services to outfit your establishment to effectively drive food or merchandise sales.

Whether marketing retail commodities like fresh fruits and vegetables or high-end culinary entrees, consider a review of your current program for innovative presentation ideas.

Rarely does any establishment fully maximize selling space. National Restaurant Consultants can ensure that you do.

Kitchen/Restaurant Design

The design of your kitchen and layout of your restaurant can be the difference between success and failure, regardless of your restaurant’s food quality. With restaurant development costs ranging anywhere from $200,000 to $3,000,000, you should use extreme care when deciding the best place to spend your development dollars.

 Kitchen designNational Restaurant Consultants (NRC) has enjoyed working on over 80 design-build projects. We will:

  • Reduce your risk
  • Protect your budget
  • Oversee the entire project on your behalf

One of the major reasons new restaurants fail is that there are insufficient funds to properly develop and operate the new business. There are literally thousands of opportunities to exceed the budget when developing and opening a new restaurant. Too many operators open up behind the curve, in terms of having the necessary operating capital on hand, due to over spending on the design and equipment. Many kitchen equipment suppliers will do the design for free. But we know there is no such thing as free. The fees are built into the equipment cost.

How National Restaurant Consultants Can Help – Start with a Business Plan and Feasibility Study

Whether you’re opening a 30-seat café or a 250 seat steakhouse, you should have a plan… a Business Plan. This plan should include a Feasibility Study outlining the probabilities for success or failure within your development budget, concept, and location. Without these formal tools, your entire development budget is at risk. This is one of the places you should not shortcut (you should not shortcut any areas in developing a new restaurant). The difference between doing it yourself and spending some development dollars for a professionally prepared Business Plan and Feasibility Study will return to you tenfold. NRC has written scores of professional Business Plans and Feasibility Studies for clients which gave them an accurate road map for their entire development. As part of the Business Plan, a menu will be developed that will meld with the concept that you have in mind. This is where your kitchen design starts. The menu will drive what equipment is required and the tentative space needs.

Design the Kitchen and Restaurant to Fit Your Specific Needs

kitchen designAs the site selection is finalized, National Restaurant Consultants will work with your general contractor or architect to confirm that the kitchen design fits the concept and the menu. We will ensure that the flow of the kitchen fits the logistics of food preparation to reduce back-of-the-house labor. We will provide guidelines for the front-of-the-house layout for the optimal customer experience and labor considerations. We will help determine how and where orders should be entered into the POS system and how those orders should be communicated to the kitchen. We will make certain that the flow enhances your guest experience and can be maintained easily.

There are currently over 800,000 different restaurant equipment specifications and just as many restaurant furniture specifications. Some can prudently be obtained pre-owned, some should NEVER be bought used. Writing these specifications, making sure every piece of equipment and furniture fits where it needs to fit and performs as necessary, is a technical skill as well as an art form. The devil is in the details; this is an area where an equipment dealer should NEVER be allowed to provide “FREE” services – we guarantee that you will be paying for the “free” part for years. Even if you are an experienced chef, it would be very smart to work with a true expert in the kitchen design field to craft a working kitchen that has no weak spots.

We have seen operators spend over $500,000 too much and open 3 months late because they did not see the value of having a team of EXPERTS on their side throughout the development process. Allowing NRC to partner with you will be the most cost-effective decision you can make in terms of spending your funds wisely and getting open as quickly as possible within budget.

Management Recruiting

Problems Recruiting the “Right” Personnel?  We can help you find exceptional Talent.

recruitmentYou have spent a lifetime developing a new concept.  Or, maybe you have worked for years in your business and now you have earned the right to take some time off.  Maybe you are starting a new restaurant and just need help.  The only thing standing in your way is finding the right person to carry on your dream with the confidence to ensure that it will grow and thrive.

Most people make the wrong hiring decision because they become too emotionally involved in the hiring process.  You like a potential candidate.  Maybe you know them or your best friend (or relative) knows them and says they are great.  Or, they know all the right “buzzwords”.  In the end, this person drives the business into the ground or creates such a difficult work environment that your long-term employees leave.  Does this sound familiar?

National Restaurant Consultants approaches the hiring process differently.  We want to make sure all the candidates you see are highly qualified and will treat your business with the same care, attention, and enthusiasm that you would.  We will find and vet the perfect candidate to ensure he/she is the right fit, an excellent motivator, can manage a profit and loss statement, and treats the  guests you  have cultivated through the years as the most important persons in the room.

the perfect fitOur team of seasoned restaurant consultants,  all with at least thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry, will ensure you find the best person for the job.  This is accomplished through an interview process that is sometime unconventional.  

National Restaurant Consultants will:

  • Source the top candidates from local regional markets or conduct a national search
  • Test each candidate for competency
  • Conduct criminal background checks
  • Review all references and dig deep into the candidates’ backgrounds
  • Verify information on resumes

Within two weeks of engaging our Senior Restaurant Consultant, we will have located the best available talent.  We arrange for you to interview the top candidates as it fits your schedule.

The benefits to your restaurant and organization include: 

  • Confidential employment searches to ensure no disruption in current operations
  • NO direct contact with the candidate prior to the actual interview
  • Cost is usually half of what conventional employment recruiters charge
  • NO time is invested until the actual interviews take place, allowing you to focus on your business

Our fees are based upon time spent, not percentage of salaries.  We also guarantee our results.  Call us for your recruiting needs, and let us explain how we are different.

Expert Witness

expert testimony chartOur expertise within the foodservice and hospitality industry is widely respected and our professional consultants have worked with multiples of clients in both plaintiff and defense work relating to “Expert Witness” engagements.  Cases that we have successfully opined to include but not limited to:  Slips/Falls; lease disputes; operating agreement disputes; business valuations; Human Resource practices and training regarding EEOC, review of skill sets of operating partners.  Our Expert Witness clients include independent and regional operators having associated with legal teams located throughout the US.  

expert witnessWith a combined 100 years of senior management, food service and hospitality experience we have the prerequisite knowledge, experience, and industry networking recognition.  Our consultants have served as Chairman of the Board of the Colorado Restaurant Association, Chairman of the Board of the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA), Expert food service evaluator for the US Navy, US Army, and US Marines food service systems programs, and 40 year plus member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF).  Post-secondary degree from the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston receiving alumni recognition from the Hilton college as well as the Hotel and Restaurant Administration programs from Oklahoma State University, and New Mexico State University hospitality management programs.  

We have expertise in reviewing cases, writing expert witness reports, rebuttal, deposition, and court room testimony.  Our fees can be customized to the specific case or hourly rate based.  

Complete List of Services

Restaurant Consulting Services that Deliver

“…the savings from this contract was well worth our money paid to you all. I am very pleased with your company and how you guys get right to the heart of the matter…so in short I just want to say thank you and that I appreciate your sincere and practical help getting our business to the next level… which I am calling sustained profitability….and we are only taking the first steps…… so thank you gentlemen!” —Mambos

National Restaurant Consultants is the worldwide leader in hospitality consulting services. We work with clients of all sizes and categories. You may select any or all of the services below. We understand that your project is unique – so if you don’t see the service you require, please ask. We are happy to quote on a daily, weekly, monthly, or complete project basis.  Whatever your needs are, we will bring seasoned professionals to assist you in finding a cost-effective solution.

full services

Consulting for Troubled Restaurants

Truly one of the most powerful tools available for the restaurant operator seeking to improve profitability and ease of operations is our proprietary Operations Analysis™ service. Every restaurant operator should seriously consider this service. Learn more about our Operations Analysis »

Consulting for Restaurant Startups

We provide all of the services that your new restaurant startup will need, from start to finish. We can open the restaurant with you, or for you, or we can coordinate services as you need them. Our proprietary project management system has over 400 steps outlined to ensure your opening is on time and within budget. See more about the services we offer for Restaurant Startups, including our Complete Package.

Consulting for Troubled Chains

Our Corporate Solutions Division has the experts you need to help you reposition your brand and refuel your growth.

Management Contracts

We are happy to talk with you about the possibility of having National Restaurant Consultants operate your single or multi-unit chain, anywhere in the world. Long- and short-term options are available.

Please click here to contact Mr. Richard Weil for more information.

Custom Consulting Services for All Concepts

National Restaurant Consultants can provide services for any concept, including hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, resorts, and food and beverage venues of all types. No operation is too small or too large, and our services are available worldwide.

Site Selection/Negotiation

We will assist you in finding the right location and then assist with the lease negotiations, improvement allowances, and much more. This service is highly recommended for those without prior leasing experience.

Feasibility Studies

Put some structure to your concept by creating a Feasibility Study. This powerful information will help you decide whether your project, in your selected location, will be viable.

Budget Creation for Your Project

We create meaningful pre-opening, pro-forma, and other cash flow and budget projections on a regular basis for clients that need quality financial information.

Break-even Analysis

Every restaurateur should know their break-even point. We offer this and other financial services worldwide.

Business Plan Creation

We help compile everything about your project that you will need to know. This tool is acceptable for bank financing requirements for all new operators. Business Plans by National Restaurant Consultants are the most successful in the industry, and include our professional insights on how to make your new venture truly unique and profitable.

Expert Witness

Our knowledge and experience within the hospitality industry allows us to provide expert testimony for either the Plaintiff or the Defense.

Menu Development

From start to finish, we’ll create a profit-driven menu. We’ll also handle your vendor relationships, item costing, menu layout needs, and your par level and ordering guides. If you have not had your menu upgraded and costed out in the last 12 months, you’re long overdue.

Kitchen Layout and Design

We can help design your kitchen for efficiency and logistics.

Equipment Selection

We will save you at least 20% or more in your equipment packages when compared to most equipment suppliers. Our equipment and kitchen design specialist has saved thousands of dollars for many happy clients.

Architectural-Advisory Consulting

We work closely with your architect and interior designer to ensure that your restaurant is properly designed with the right flow and feel. We can also provide construction and building supervision.

Transaction Representation

Are you in the process of buying or selling a restaurant? You might consider engaging our advisory services to make certain that you are getting the very best deal. We will help you structure the transaction, conduct due diligence, assist with the letter of intent and buy-sell agreements, and much more.

Concept Drawings

See what your concept will look like. Concept drawings are great for investment purposes, and they bring your concept “to life”. A variety of options are available.

Liquor License and Permits

We work with your attorney on your behalf in obtaining new or transferred licenses and permits.

Employee Policy Manuals

As an employer, you must provide your employees with the information they need. We’ll make sure your bases are covered.

Employee Job Descriptions

We can write job descriptions for all employees, from top to bottom, including organizational charts.

ServSafe® Food Sanitation Training

Required by most health departments, we will coordinate food sanitation and alcohol training. A program from the National Restaurant Association, this industry leading sanitation training is available worldwide.

Forms and Posters

We can provide you with the required Federal and State guidelines and posters.

Translation Services

We can take all of your documents (employee manuals, operations manuals, and virtually anything else you need translated) and convert them from one language into another (i.e. English to Spanish or French to English). This is a wonderful service for those running dual language operations or expanding into foreign markets.

We are happy to provide a quote for your special project. Of course, the nature of your work and the location will dictate the total cost. We look forward to speaking with you.

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