Restaurants Give Back

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National Restaurant Consultants recommends fundraising and charity for your community this holiday season

Make a changeThe sun sets earlier and temperatures are dipping to harsh overnight conditions here in mild Denver, not to mention in eastern cities like New York and northern towns with lake effects, like Minneapolis and Chicago. The nights are cold and long, and this should be enough to draw our attention to those in need. Fortunately, these weather changes align with the holiday season, not too far in front of us now, when people open their hearts and search for ways to give.

Restaurants are uniquely positioned in that they are local businesses and also community establishments. Restaurants are the mainstays of neighborhoods, the meetings places for family and friends, which creates opportunity to unite people in a common goal. Have you considered how your restaurant might lead the charge in giving back this holiday season?

According to this blog post by Wiatt Marketing, Nearly nine-in-10 (88 percent) consumers say they would buy a product from a purpose-driven company; and 78 percent of Americans would tell others to buy products from purpose-driven companies. It turns out, what is good for the community–what is community-building–is also good for business. People like to be a part of something, and they like to know that that something contributes to the greater good.

Some restaurants find the best way to give back to the community is to allow fundraisers under their brand for schools and non-profits looking to raise money. There are a lot of recognizable establishments on this list of 53 restaurants that allow non-profit fundraising; but something even a small business could participate in to give back and to bring in new customers. Likewise, here is a list of restaurants that open up school fundraisers, especially important in urban areas or smaller towns where neighborhood living is close-knit and your restuarant could be just down the block from the local school.

Giving back isn’t only just becoming a fundraising outlet. Your restaurant and its employees–or patrons–could more actively participate, especially during the holiday season. Spoon University devised a list of restaurants that give back in their communities, from food drives and food donations to donating time to Habitat for Humanity or fundraising for cancer research.

It could be as simple as passing out coffee on cold mornings, to whomever walks by and needs a warm-up and a smile to start their day. Restaurants are community institutions throughout the year; but let’s get into the spirit of the season and reap benefits, yes, but also the joy of giving back.

Want your restaurant to plug into the community but not sure how to make it work? A restaurant consultant can help you refresh a business plan and your budget–you have more wiggle room than you think! Contact a restaurant consultant today.

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