Restaurant Trick-or-Treating

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Why buying into Halloween is good for business

Pumpkin on stairs Every October around this time, children across the country are preparing their Halloween costumes for their best sugar rush of the year. While the excitement is the same, Halloween can look very different in Golden, Colorado compared to New York City, or from Indianapolis to Los Angeles.

And while the city culture has a lot to do with how your town celebrates the holiday; and there are logistical factors to consider from neighborhood to neighborhood; last year, the Atlantic described a shift in trick-or-treating, away from door-to-door and house-to-house, and instead, focused on the business community. There are other factors to consider–safety, a decrease in sugar consumption; but it seems that the fewer housing neighborhoods that report trick-or-treaters, the more businesses have them showing up in droves.

What was once common practice in only urban centers is now becoming a tradition for even suburban areas–and your restaurant can not only participate, but maximize on this. Whether or not you’re expecting trick-or-treaters at your restaurant, Fat Merchant has some tips on how to prepare for the holiday as a small business. It is a great opportunity to set yourself up as a neighborhood staple and a place of community. Invite your neighbors in for celebration, and even be the rallying force with decorations; specials; music–make it a party.

Candy-seekers or not, Halloween night is hectic for parents and families. In a lot of places, the weather has already turned cold, the evenings are darkening quickly, and there is a mad dash from school to wardrobe changes, then back out again for festivities. If your restaurant offers up warming, seasonal foods, you’re bound to appeal to the families out making the most of the holiday. Delish offers up nearly 50 pumpkin recipe ideas that you could incorporate into your special Halloween–or fall!–menus.

Though it can be added work, special attention to the seasons and popular holidays always pays off in your business. For more ideas and tips on how to incorporate these seasonal practices, contact a restaurant consultant today. 
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