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Why placing an expert on your menu design is crucial for business success

When you’re in Seattle, you probably expect to eat sea food. Down in Nashville? You’re looking for some southern home cooking. There’s nothing better than some Cajun-something during a trip to New Orleans, or some barbecue from Kansas City (or Texas, depending on your taste).

Of course, it makes geographical sense that certain parts of the country incite a craving for certain genres of food. But the same reasons why that work–seasonal motivators, natural resources, culture and tradition–can drive a good menu anywhere. A menu should reflect more than just a region, based on a number of factors, and it just so happens that our restaurant consultants are experts in menu development.

Your restaurant’s menu design can affect both the guest experience and they’re likeliness to revisit or recommend, as well as your restaurant’s earnings. Sometimes, it’s as simple as designating your audience’s favorites: comfort foods, hot ticket items, or something unexpected that they can count on when they visit you. For example, 55 percent of people claim they would order breakfast when it was offered all day long on a menu.

Mostly, when it comes to creating a craveable menu, variety and change are important. While consistency is key in creating a brand, menu updates are important to hold your customers’ attention. More than 30 percent of restaurants report updating their menus monthly, and 24 percent do seasonally.

Crafting seasonally-driven menus is healthier, and this is something that matters more and more to restaurant patrons. 61 percent of people said that they would choose a healthier restaurant option now, whereas two years ago, they’ wouldn’t have considered it.

Seasonal menus are also better for the environment, drawing on resources local to your restaurant’s region and not forcing food out of season. 51 percent of diners polled said that they would be more likely to visit an eco-friendly restaurant, just based on efforts toward sustainability and conservation.

The good news is, contrary to some rumors, writing an environmentally-friendly menu can actually save you money. Remember, shaving off a few cents per dish can equal large savings at the end of a budget term. These days, restaurants are finding small ways to make big changes, for the environment and for their budgets. 28 percent of restaurants are re-purposing their food trimmings; 25 percent are composting; and 26 percent are offering a variety of portion sizes on their menus, appealing both to the eco-friendly and the health conscious.

Recognizing and acknowledging trends is an important part of menu development and running a restaurant business that succeeds in this economic climate. Our restaurant consultants are informed of trends but have decades of experience in best business practices. The two combined mean that we can help you achieve a menu that is fresh, appealing, and not only saves you money, but makes you money.

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