Christmas Cocktails for Holiday Menus

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National Restaurant Consultants rounds-up libations for all holiday celebrations

National Restaurant Consultants Christmas Cocktails For Holiday Menus ImageThe county capitol looks like a Denver wonderland! There are Christmas parades marching the streets of Golden on the weekends! Soon we’ll watch New York City light the Rockafellar tree. And even in Los Angeles, where it might never snow, Christmas lights are starting to dot the palm trees. Oh yes–it’s the most wonderful time of year! It’s here!

Each season, we love the chance to dress up menus as a means for getting into the spirit–and helping our guests do so too. The best place for that is the cocktail menu, even just a happy hour special. It’s not hard to make a festive drink, either in appearance or flavor or both! We have searched our favorite recipe sites for this year’s holiday drinking trends, and here’s what we’ve come up with. Apply an idea to your holiday menu, or let this inspire a new, custom cocktail!

Country Living has 55 Christmas drinks to explore in this collection, but it was the Driven Snow Cocktail that first caught our eye. Sweet and spicy: it sounds like the holiday season in a glass!

With a slideshow of 21 drinks, Woman’s Day put the focus on entertaining–which is basically what sporting fancy cocktails at your bar is. These specialty cocktails put an emphasis on style, and we think the hint of plum in this Low Country Pousee-Rapière does that especially.

The always delicious Delish has 41 cocktails to explore for inspiration; but might we draw special attention to a PECAN PIE MARTINI??

Bon Appetit promises their cocktails will get you through the holiday drama; and who knows about that drama better than a bartender? All of these put a spin on holiday punches and are bound to please!

The most modern versions of all your favorite holiday classics are up on, the perfect reminder for all that makes people feel nostalgic!

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